Monday, October 5, 2009

A long, long time ago...

Response to: Answer Unspoken:

My scene, "A long, long time ago...":

Dun Tolg stood on the cliff's edge looking out over the sea with the whitecaps rolling towards him. He avoided looking at the stone prison that he and the others had built upon this cliff and the chain of calamity that wrapped around the small prison like a bloody bandage over a gut wound.

Dun heard her footsteps come up behind him, but they stopped as if waiting for him to turn and look at her. He didn't turn, his face was now marred with lines from the war and was no longer beautiful. She said, "I've spoken to the Oracle." Dun almost cried at the pain -- a distance -- in her voice.


"They foretell that time and the poisons of lies will break the chain and allow them," she hawked and spat, "to go free." They all refused to say their names, the four Floods, the three Winds, and the final Fire, now that the war was over. A gull struggled to fly out over the waves while the wind punched it back and forth.

"Is there any way to avoid that future?"

"Yes." He turned at the tone in her voice and saw a tear in her eye. "You must stand guard here and always tell the truth."

"I can't...." He fell silent and she hugged him.

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