Friday, July 30, 2010

Tombstoning (#FridayFlash)

The life throbbed in Vivianne's hand drawing Oskar towards the balustrades lining Plymouth Hoe's promenade. Her fingers clenched his, did she worry that she'd lose him. Her skin shone perfect in the moonlight, like his. Yet, she would age to become a husk of her former self like all the others.

Vivianne pointed at the sea sixty-five feet below where stars like hollow quartz bobbed. "Leander's pool." Vivianne clambered on the stone's edge her arms stretched like a cross. "Come, jump with me."

Her scent like the nectar from swollen nettles poured off her fevered body, hot even for one of the day children. "Vivianne." He purred, a rumble in his throat that had made her tremble, but not this time. "The lighthouse. Nobody will be there. We can see all of Plymouth from the platform and..." Oskar brushed along Vivianne's forearm, a shiver exploding across her body.


I'm scared for you. Leander, a bad omen. Centuries ago, he'd visited the tower in Sesto where Hero had called to her love before he drowned. An involuntary sound escaped his lips. She kicked her heels to the cobblestones and flung herself with three barefoot strides over the water. Her body fell like sand through an hourglass. A roar of wind, sand, time whipped through Oskar.

A splash chased by a moment of silence. A shattering yell.

Oskar vaulted the balustrade descending as a straight needle from the sky. Spontaneity. Vivianne possessed something new. Her spark. He hit the water wearing his dinner jacket.

Vivianne kissed him, a warm contrast to the sea. "That wasn't so bad, was it?"

"Again?" Oskar threw Vivianne over his shoulder bounding the limestone cliff with the strength of a night child.


  1. I love your writing style. A nice retelling of Hero and Leander, but with a happier ending. Nice.

  2. This was beautiful, and yes, a happier ending. :)