Thursday, December 3, 2009

Augmented Loss

A response to Casey McCormick's "Tuesday Reminder" in Flashy Fiction:

Tony scanned the room one last time with his VR goggles to see if he had forgotten anything. A small virtual sticky appeared over Autumn's thigh reminding him that Autumn's birthday was tomorrow and Tony needed to buy a gift. Another sticky floated in the air with thick marker lines pointing down at his keys.

Tony grabbed the keys and another sticky appeared sticking perpendicular out of Autumn's cheek with an arrow pointing at her cheek and labeled "Kiss!!!" Tony pecked her cheek and strode out the door to his car.


Tony returned home and threw his keys in the general direction of the end table and carried the grocery sacks over to the fridge. As he filled the fridge with milk, apples, a steak, reminder stickies disappeared from the door of the fridge.

He turned to see Autumn and swore slightly under his breath to see the reminder still stuck to her thigh. He sighed, the glasses helped only if he passed the jewelry store on his way home.

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