Saturday, December 26, 2009

Hell Pigs

Michael laid back in the hammock and closed his eyes. He had an old book in his hand, "The Hunt for Red October", but it was too hot even in the shade to read and instead he listened to flies buzzing around his head over the drone of people sitting in their air-conditioned cars driving down the streets. Michael felt calm almost ready to fall asleep. He had a lot to do but the lack of wind resulted in a lack of motivation.

"Michael?" It was Kathy and it sounded like she had too much energy. The screen door slammed and even though Michael knew that he should get up and work on one of his chores, he stayed in the hammock almost in sleep's embrace. "There you are. What are you doing there?"

"I was almost napping."

"What about mowing the lawn?"

"It's hot. I'm collecting my energy before I get started."

"So you need it a little bit cooler?"


Kathy twirled -- Michael could smell her scent, a touch of jasmine -- and she headed back to the house.

"Hey, where are you going?"

"To take care of the heat so you'll mow the lawn. Be right back, honey."

Michael didn't like the sound of that. How could one get rid of this heat? Days like this just weren't any fun. However, Michael knew Kathy and she would find some technical hocus-pocus that would backfire on them. He was awake now, and worrying. He might as well mow the lawn.

Michael had only finished mowing half of the backyard with the manual mower when he heard the snap of the backdoor and Kathy's arrival with a small pig squirming in her arms. Michael let the handle of mower drop to the ground. It didn't matter that there had been no rain because Michael was sure his sweat was providing a good drink to the grass. "What is the pig for?" asked Michael.

"It'll suck the heat out of the air." Kathy set the pig down in a patch of mowed grass and patted its shoulder blades.


"It's a hell pig. I bought it down at Ken's Bio Shack, in town."

Michael walked over to the pig and felt a breeze stirring that seemed to be blowing right at the pig. He reached down to pat it like Kathy had, but she yelled at him instead.

"Don't touch him now. You'll burn yourself."

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