Monday, February 1, 2010

The Screams of Chicken Little

A response to RJ Clarken's "Monday Mayhem" in Flashy Fiction.

If it had just been a short scream and then silence, Kathy wouldn't have worried. But this was a long scream punctuated by short periods of silence when the screamer sucked air and then the scream continued higher in pitch. The classroom of students looked worried and had stopped working on their spelling assignment.

"I'm sure this is nothing to worry about," said Kathy. "Someone probably stubbed a toe. I'll find out what all the screaming is about and let you know, but you've got to finish your spelling worksheet."

The sun shone through brown tinted windows that left a dingy light on the gray tiles of the hallway. Around a corner, stood Eleanor Grouchen, one of the fourth grade teachers whose face was red from her screaming. Eleanor pointed at the door to the teacher's lounge and hopped up and down as if to punctuate her screaming which didn't cease.

Kathy entered the lounge carefully, not sure what she would find, but the orange plastic chairs, desk, and microwave were in their proper positions. Kathy left the lounge and took Eleanor's arm, "What's wrong?"

It took Eleanor several moments before she subsided in her wordless screams. "In there. Didn't you see it?"

"I saw nothing unusual in the teacher's lounge," said Kathy.

"On the ceiling," Eleanor's voice rose in a scream again but she managed to contain yourself.

Kathy walked back into the lounge and looked up and saw two cute eight-legged creatures about the size of her palm pacing the ceiling as they looked for flies.

"They're harmless, just two RoboSpiders."

Eleanor still shook as she said, "Please, will you get my lunch from the refrigerator so I can eat in my car."

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