Monday, March 22, 2010

Brotherly Love

A response to Stefan Jansson's picture posted in Photos From Haninge.

George watched raindrops splat on his windowsill their backsplash sprayed the windowpane. His classmates would have blamed it on Murphy's Law and Spring break, but George bet that Becky had ensorcelled this storm to coop him up inside. He looked around him, he'd played the games dozens of times and by himself they were boring anyways. Why couldn't he go outside?

George traipsed downstairs, perhaps his mom would tire of him underfoot and finally let him go outside. Perfect, she was rolling out pasta noodles on the kitchen table. George climbed a stool and leaned so that his hand blocked the pasta press dispenser.

"Do you want to help make pasta?"

If by help she meant make it as miserable as possible, sure. "No."

"Why don't you go do something?"

"It's raining."

"Sounds like the perfect time to go swimming."

Becky was swimming and he grimaced thinking about the octopus episode. "Don't feel like it."

"Your dad brought home some origami paper. You like that. It's on the table in this study."

George jumped off the stool and ran upstairs. His dad wasn't in the office, but a half dozen red and black square papers rested on a table. George grabbed the papers and ran towards his bedroom. He arrayed the papers around him. One side of the papers colored black like night and the other side red like a lady bug. Or a firebug. George had an idea.

He folded the paper until he got a small folded oval body with black and red patterns and eight black legs folded over each other to create the prickly legs. He folded the other five and threw them into a brown paper bag. He raced down the hallway to look in the window to the pool. Becky swam backstroke and he ducked and crawled below the window.

George ran for Becky's room and opened the paper bag and poured the bugs under her bed. The bugs would feed on stray sorcery that leaked from Becky's dreams tonight and they'd come alive. She'd regret cooping him up today.

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