Monday, March 8, 2010

Civilization XIII

A response to Amanda Morgan's "Sunday Funday" in Flashy Fiction.

Joseph peered at her over steepled fingers.

"Marianne," he said, "Would you mind telling me why you set your Town Hall on fire?"

"Huh," said Marianne as she dropped a minion who shook his head when he landed on the game board before standing up and continuing to collect wood from the forests.

"Over there." Joseph levitated on his VR cloud over Marianne's cloud so he towered over her. He pointed at a pillar of black smoke rising from Marianne's town tile.

"Oh that, I need to raze the Town Hall so I can expand my basilica." Marianne smiled up at Joseph, she knew he wouldn't understand.

"Marianne, Marianne," he shook his head as he looked down at her, "You can't win without your Town Hall. This is going to be a cake stomp." Marianne looked down to stifle her laughter at his attempt to use a 20th century colloquialism. The kids these days thought they were into veracity. If Joseph had truly paid attention to history, he'd have known that the religious fanatics had lots of babies and always fought the hardest. Marian picked up another minion and dropped him on the basilica.


  1. Aidan, I love this one. Hey, how can I follow your blog?? And, where do you live in SF? I lived there for 12 years but moved back to LA a year and a half ago. I miss the Bay Area. *sniff*

  2. Hi Deb, I'll have to figure out how to enable the "following". I live in Alameda on the other side of the bay.