Friday, July 8, 2011

Guest Post & Freebie The Shaking of the Ossuary

My #fridayflash for this week, Caldera Rats, is a guest post on the Xeroverse Missing Pieces blog. John Xero has been running a week-long xeroversery celebration of flash fiction. Check it out.

A repost of my entry for last week in Lily Child's Friday Prediction, "The Shaking of the Ossuary" is included as a freebie below. It is a fun competition and I urge you to check it out.

The Shaking of the Ossuary

The players:

Ba'al Ob: The Ossuary's one-eyed Captain

En-dor: Chief Engineer

Circe: Bone Mate

The scene:

En-dor and Circe intertwine on the boneroom's floor in morphing kamasutra poses. The bones pulse blood.

Ba'al Ob: "En-dor, what treason s-stalks?"

En-dor's thrusting ceases. "Where're you?"

"Damned divination s-system's down. No visuals. S-skin's vibrating, vacuum beckoning. What have you done?"


"Is that C-Circe I s-smell?"

"My captain."

"The enchantress is mine. Die traitor."

"Wait--" En-dor detangles himself and caresses a finger against the engine's optic cavity. "The skull's split."


"I'll save the ship, but I earn my life and Circe."


  1. That is a really weird one. Had to go over it a couple times to grasp what was going on!

  2. @John, Yes it is bizarre. Hope it made sense, it can be hard to squeeze all the bizarreness and the script-like quality into a hundred words.

  3. I like it. It's weird but seems to tick along with its own internal logic. Feels a bit like poetry and still has that sense of place. St.

  4. You've certainly got a grip on my curiosity. Weird and interesting concepts.