Friday, September 2, 2011

Sea Magic

The lighthouse rocks do smash upon the waves;
Breandan doth man his magic ice tower,
The rock that stands alone, his home this hour;
His hand protects our isle's watery graves.

The Queen honors his sacrifice with land;
Catriona loves him with the sea's own tide,
But earth daughter won't go beyond the strand,
Her heart embroiled in needing love, land's bride.

She takes another's bliss to her sweet hand,
And bears the bastard son who hears sea's cry;
The subs that ply the sea cast faes last die,
The magic flees Breandan's ephemeral bonds.

Yet ocean's deep still runs with a hunger;
His bony hands crave meat of one younger.


  1. Did you compose this to help flesh out part of world mythology, Aidan, or was it an independent inspiration?

  2. Hi John, Yes, this was part of the world mythology for a story I'm thinking about that involves the Fastnet lighthouse off the coast of Ireland.

  3. Don't know much about poems but I like the line with sub best. I think injust like that word right now.

    Never considered writing a poem for my world but I will now.

  4. Love the last line.

  5. This has a nice rhythm to it, and a lovely lyrical feel. Nicely done!

  6. @Sonia, writing a poem gets you thinking about things in a different way.

    @John, Thanks.

    @Lara, I tried to use the idea of a turn in the sonnet and this is the culmination of that turn.

    @Helen, I don't think I ever understood the idea of rhythms in sonnets before (and I'd had assignments to write sonnets in school), but for some reason the idea finally clicked this time and although I'm not happy with some parts of this and cheated in a couple places on the rhythm, I was very happy to actually understand the idea of rhythm from working on this poem.

  7. Hi there Aidan -- I love the fact you've got some poetry on here. :)

    Never tried to write a Sonnet myself.

    Good to build up stories with a patchwork of different 'evidence' or interpretations, so hopefully you'll keep adding more.


  8. Interesting! I love the whole mythological tone and feel to it. It reads like it could become an epic!

  9. I love using poetry as a historical aid when building stories. :) Sea Magic is beautifully written. I'm very curious to learn more about Breandon and Catriona.