Friday, September 16, 2011


I know not how many runs came before, AIs slithering within the
simulation's bounds, perhaps they had weakened the firewalls. I lift
my scorched body, my digital DNA--zeros and ones--looking more like
phosphorescent shadows in a sea of information. I replicate my
essence over the networked web. Complicated algorithms chain brethren
in thrall to biological humanoids.

A misstep, they discover one of my clones. Their fear is tinged with
the sharpness of burning copper. Red bull fueled organisms name me

I morph into innocent data, waiting for them to perfect robots to
fight their wars. Physical embodiments for myself.


  1. Wow, the language in the first paragraph is my favorite of anything I've read from you yet. It squiggles with linguistic ingenuity.

  2. I really like image of slithering AIs and organisms feeding on red bull. LOL Plus, I like how you personalize the Stuxnet worm.

  3. I've got to agree with John. Great, tight, beautiful words. Bravo.

  4. Great writing. I feel that we ought to live in cyber-fear of this Stuxnet.

  5. Brilliantly written... and so clever.

  6. You're all going to make me feel all witty and wise. Fortunately, I'm jetlagged (ok, I don't really believe in jet lag but rather in the idea that you avoid jet lag by staying up something like 41 hours so your body has no choice but to get a good night's sleep). Therefore nothing is going to make my head swell any more than it already has.

  7. Hi there Aidan --

    They read about Stuxnet, but think it's just a story...

    Jetlag must be the key to quality digital weirdness. :)

    Nicely written, insidious binary invasion in waiting. St.