Saturday, November 7, 2009

Familiarity Breeds Contempt

A response to Nathaniel Lee's "Familiarity Breeds Contempt" in Mirror Shards:

“The exits aren't even numbered anymore,” said Shannon. “I think
it's the same one every time.”

“So what happens if we take it?” asked Dan.

“Find out,” Shannon ordered. “I'm getting sleepy.”

The road rapidly petered out to mere dirt tracks. Only the lights
through the trees kept them moving forward. The sign declared it the
“Furnall Inn.”

Behind the counter, a gaunt man turned to regard them as they lugged
in their bags. “Stay a while,” he intoned. “Stay... foreve-”

“Screw this,” said Shannon. “I'm sleeping in the car.”

My scene, a continuation:

Dan dropped the roller-duffel bag while grabbing Shannon's hand and
said, "It is cold in the car. Don't you want a soft bed?"

"Look at the scar on that man's cheek," Dan looked over at the front
desk attendant and saw an old scar that jagged across the man's cheek
-- a pale green cheek -- where stubble didn't grow. Shannon's voice
dropped to a soft whisper, "I don't like it here. It feels like a

"We're out in the country now, the scar is probably nothing but a
childhood injury. Don't get spooked."

"Listen to yourself, you sound just like the boyfriend who gets it
from one of those B-movies. Besides didn't you hear him tell us to
stay forever?" Shannon pulled her hand away from Dan.

"It's just bad marketing, country bumpkins who don't have our city

"Suit yourself." Shannon grabbed her bag and pushed open the
filigreed oak door with hinges that squealed for a little bit of oil.

Dan turned to the front desk attendant, shrugged and grabbed his
duffel bag. She could sleep in the car, but Dan wanted a good
night's sleep.

When Dan heard Shannon's shriek, he dropped everything and ran
through the front door. Shannon stood by their car, or what must
have been their car. Instead, spiderwebs were everywhere including a
spiderweb cable that lifted a rectangular web covered object that
could only have been their car.

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