Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Zero-emissions Locomotion

Michael pushed the mop over the grooves in the hardwood floor. Their former robot mopper -- yet another one of Kathy's finds -- had cut those grooves into the floor. Michael took a deep breath. The therapist kept telling him that he needed to let these things go. Yes, the robot had ruined the floor and they'd never be able to sell the place without replacing the floor; but, it had happened months ago.

Michael sighed. Where was Kathy anyways? She was late and they had company coming for dinner and Kathy had promised Michael that this time she would cook dinner.

Michael heard a screeching wail like the offspring of fingernails scratched on a chalkboard and loudspeaker feedback when an amateur emmcee accidentally walks in front of the speaker. The large pane of the bay window vibrated like a mouse scuttling across the floor just like that mouse that had scared the robot mopper.

Outside, Michael saw a strange beetle-like car -- small and round with lots of curves -- it was still screeching like a bat's call. Something shattered and Michael turned to see crystal shards where one of their wine glasses had stood. The car door slammed and Michael turned again feeling like a dust devil to see Kathy outside the demon car. She had a bag of groceries in her arms.

Michael opened the door and asked, "What is that?"

"It's a Sidhe. Isn't it a nice little car."

"Nice?" Michael slammed the front door shut. "It shrieks. I can't imagine what it sounds like inside the car."

"Pure silence inside. The engineers did a great job isolating the passengers from the keening banshee."


"Yeah, it's powered by banshee. Zero emissions and a banshee doesn't need any fuel. Nifty isn't it."

"Where is the Prius?" asked Michael.

"I traded it in. Now, I'm running late. Will you help me cut the onions for dinner?"

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